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Listen to Kieron and do what he says. If you knew how to be successful you would be already. Let him show you the way. It's like the GPS to success.

Gene Valaitis – Radio Personality

He is a “master” – you just don’t meet people like this very often.  I had already earned $1 million.  After training with Kieron, he challenged me to earn $10 million.  In a few short years I grew my business to over $10 million.  I also won an Emmy and an Oscar.

Philip Goldfine – Hollywood Producer, Academy & Emmy Award Winner


Kieron Sweeney is one of the finest people I have ever met.  He is genuine, caring and very humble.  Being a professional speaker myself and having been pitched by thousands of entrepreneurs, Kieron stands out and is a true example of what a speaker and trainer represents.  His charismatic and playful nature enables him to connect with his students in a heartfelt way and his character of strength sets him apart from many business people. His ability to reach inside and get to the core issue of what holds people back is a unique gift and he has mastered this skill. Kieron is passionate about helping people and their businesses realize their full potential. Consistently ranked as a top motivational speaker, he brings the perfect balance of an energy, blended with real world experience and credibility. He not only inspires but he moves an audience into action by offering practical and effective approaches to driving better business outcomes. Kevin Harrington – Original Shark, from the hit TV Show “The Shark Tank”, Inventor of the Infomercial and Pioneer of the “As Seen on TV” brand.

Kevin Harrington – Original Shark from the Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, Pioneer of the brand As Seen on TV:


There are so many people running enthusiastically in the wrong direction. That was me, once!!  In one year, I was able to start my very own TV Show Production company and theAskBonBonShow now reaches over 10 million viewers. I went on to create BingeTV Networks.  What I love about Kieron is that he teaches not just mindset training and living your passion, but more importantly he teaches you the business strategy to make your business thrive quickly.  I took personal development courses for 10 years with some of the biggest names in the industry and none of it was working for me.  I can't emphasize this enough. You must have both the mindset teachings AND the "strategy" on how to build your business. With Kieron's teachings you get both and that is what finally worked for me. I am forever grateful.

Bonnie Bruderer – TV Producer and Founder of Binge TV


I hired Kieron to coach me to become a more powerful Speaker after I watched him on video and how he completely transformed a student during a seminar. After 10 sessions, I was seeing immense progress. I then flew Kieron to Perth, Australia to train my entire team of coaches and trainers for two days. My company's sales increased 500% after taking Kieron’s courses and his mentoring-  WOW!!! - Kieron trained us in a very unconventional way. He showed us how he went from blah to a highly successful speaker and trainer and how he achieved sales of $30 million in 5 years. Kieron has a secret that few understand. If you are in any area of sales, speaking or training, you want to hire this man now. He is brilliant. I highly recommend that all companies who have sales teams hire this man. Your company will be transformed.

Brett Jones – Author of Awaken – from Perth, Australia


Kieron’s mentoring has been a great boost to my business.  His training courses and mentoring were exactly what I needed and have led to breakthroughs and new activities, including writing my first book, developing new revenue streams and being part of a like-minded, heart centered community.  

Estrellita Gonzales – Business owner and Politician – from Vancouver


I had taken many business trainings and I still found myself attending another seminar.  Searching for the golden answer.  I mustered up the courage to walk up to Kieron’s stage and I said:  Hey, I am buying you lunch. He laughed and said, OK.  In what was a turning point in my life, Kieron gave me some simple words of advice and I realized I was just playing small.  I was letting my fears stop me.  Today, I control over $145 million dollars in real estate. Oh, and by the way, he paid for lunch!

Laure Marmontel

I was Kieron’s Mentor when he was younger.  We also developed a friendship and he also became a personal friend and advisor to me.  He taught me to see the world differently.  To acknowledge and accept what I achieved for “me” and for those close to me.  Kieron believed in me and reminded me that my own personal beliefs of myself when I was young helped me to achieve one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. His love and his open heart allowed me to see a new path and recognize that I was born rich in other ways than money. Milt Campbell – “The Forgotten Olympian” - First Black American to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the Decathlon.



I have known Kieron for 12 years.  He was a client and I use to tease him about his work.  We became friends because we like to share a fine scotch once in a while.  He always talked about how my products had more value than I believed.  I always told him;  “you are using that mind programming “stuff” on me.”  In my own mind, I always thought about what he said, but I had a disbelief because I am a linear thinker.  One day someone out of the blue made me a $2 million offer to license my software. I called Kieron and thanked him. You see what Kieron did was he planted a seed of belief in my mind and in a very unconventional way he continued to work with my beliefs, and my sub-conscious mind just believed what he was saying.  He is extraordinary.  Oh, and by the way, I told him he does not charge enough. LOL!!!

Dennis Wilson


Many of my clients work with me under confidentiality agreements.  Therefore their full names and pictures are withheld in respect of our agreement

“Kieron Sweeney has been an integral part of tripling my income! I have also published a best-selling book and did a TEDx Talk in 2017, both as a direct result of being a part of his academy”.



"Thanks for all you are doing Kieron. This training is more than I ever expected it would be on so many levels. I also know I will be building my business in ways I would not have imagined, and it wouldn't be happening without your training.  Blessings!"


“In just four months I quadrupled my revenue.  Was the investment worth it?  Yes!!  Did he support my personal growth?  Yes!! - I am 28 and more successful than many who are 50 +  -  Deidre  


"I run an IT consulting company.  I saw a post online about Kieron and I reached out.  He did not sell me.  He let me talk and I listened.  Then he said, here is what I can do for you and I will give you a performance guarantee.  After he explained this to me, I realized I had no risk.  Kieron’s system is magnificent.  I work less and earn more.  His system should be taught at every business school."



"A return to passion.  After spending years pursuing jobs that I was not successful at, Kieron helped me build the confidence to return to a career I left because I was conditioned to believe that artists cannot make money.  I am now a successful concert pianist and I am making more money than I ever imagined."


"I heard about Kieron and took a risk. I needed a real mentor.  Not another seminar.  He sat down with me and painted a picture of the life I desired and with his mindset training, skillful business execution and system, I quickly rose to the top of my field and overcame all my belief limitations.  He is the best kept secret."

Name withheld due to celebrity status.

"There are so many promoters out there that I am sick and tired of the BS and the false marketing and “manufactured success” – There is only one person I have met that walks the talk, has a system that really does work and refuses to sell you anything else.  You buy once.  That is it!  No up-sells, no false promises.  You get the business strategy that is proven and verifiable."


"Today I own a publicly traded company.  I was already successful, but I wanted to start a business in a trending industry.  He helped me map out a plan, raise capital and I went public in 2017.  His intuitive insights are remarkable.  But he has this way of getting inside of you that opens you up to believe that your dreams are possible and it is only our sub-conscious limiting beliefs that prevent us for achieving our dreams."



"I have been a Fortune 100 Executive for years.  I wanted to transition into the entrepreneurial world.  I earned over $2 million/year, but wanted my freedom back.  Kieron helped me not only make the transition to a very successful business, but I also lost 40 pounds, met the love of my life and I am the happiest I have ever been."



“In just four months I quadrupled my revenue.  Was the investment worth it?  Yes.  Did he support my personal growth?  Yes.”  - I am 28 and more successful than many who are 50 + " -  Deidre