Sales & Influence

 Pre-Work for this Course:

Students should come prepared to work with a number of specific products/services they sell.

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Digital Entrepreneur - Online Marketing and Client Attraction

Both Classroom and Virtual Classroom format is available.

  • Training Duration: 3 days
  • Instructional Hours: 24 hours
  • The Psychology of Sales
  • Edu-Selling
  • Crafting Curiosity
  • Directing a Conversation
  • So much more …

Sales & Influence

Training Duration: 3 days
Instructional Hours: 24 hours
Method of Instruction:
Both Classroom and Virtual Classroom format is available. Classroom is face-to-face interaction with the instructor and peers, while Virtual Classroom is available for online students where interactive learning where students port in while the instructor streams lessons live. Students are able to unmute and participate along with the rest of the group.
Pre-Work for this Course:
Students should come prepared to work with a number of specific products/services they sell.

This 3-day intensive is designed to increase sales and revenue in the first 90 days following completion. Many graduates have been able to double their revenue in 90 days.
Students learn to present with absolute confidence and use specific techniques to gain the advantage in all negotiations. They learn to master the art of handling objections, how to identify the right customers who want to buy, and how to hold price and value through the sales cycle.

Students interact in small groups and with the instructor to obtain feedback as their sales presentations take form. Students leave with a sales presentation ready to implement and the techniques to apply to reproduce the process. Students leverage emotional intelligence, communication skills, and presentation skills to facilitate positive outcomes.


Each module is 90 minutes and focuses on:
1. The Psychology of Sales


● Learning and applying influencing techniques so prospective customers feel they must have the product or service. Students practice the art of influencing rather than selling.


1. Edu-Selling


● Exploring the concept of educating versus selling a product or service.


2. Crafting Curiosity


● Learning and applying, in various scenarios, how to quickly build curiosity about their product or service in less than one minute of conversation.


3. Directing a Conversation


● How to discover a prospects Current Reality and transition the conversation to focus on the Desired Reality that can be achieved by using the student’s product or service.


1. Backlinking

● Learning this technique as a means to ensure the sales process has the most favourable outcome


2. Emotional Triggers


● Learning the importance of Emotional Triggers that lead to sales conversions, and explore which triggers convert for their product or service.


3. Actionable Outcomes


● How to illuminate how their product or service will positively impact a prospect so that they ensure the prospect is clear on the intended objectives of using their product/service.


4. Stories Sell


● How to use stories to hook to influence the sales conversation.


5. The Perfect Presentation


● How to create a sales presentation that is non-threatening and the importance of not putting their prospect in a defensive position.


1. Body Language and Micro-Expressions


● Learning body language techniques that give an advantage in all sales negotiations. Each student also learns how to read micro-expressions in the faces of their prospect.


2. Personality Types and Mirroring


● Showing students how to connect and build trust with anyone.


3. Selling up


● A practical application of selling using an item they are not familiar with.


4. Group Selling


● How to build sell one to many versus one-to-one.


5. Sales Presentations


● Putting it all together, each student will use all the information learned to design their own sales presentation.


Each module will have a multiple choice & short answer quiz to test learning fundamentals. Students will demonstrate competency by applying the technique to their own product/service. The final module will be a mock sales presentation with the class.

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