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Publish in 90 Days

 Pre-Work for this Course:

Students should come prepared with a book topic and an outline in bullet points of key outcomes.

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Publish in 90 Days

Both Classroom and Virtual Classroom format is available.

  • Training Duration: 3 days
  • Instructional Hours: 24 hours
  • Author Mindset
  • Clarity and Why
  • Meditation
  • Book Structure
  • So much more …

Publish in 90 Days

Training Duration: 3 days
Instructional Hours: 24 hours
Method of Instruction:
Classroom. Classroom live is face-to-face interaction with an instructor and peers for interactive learning.
Pre-Work for this Course:
Students should come prepared with a book topic and an outline in bullet points of key outcomes.

Working with a two-time published author, Kieron Sweeney, who designed a process to write and publish a book in 90 days, each student will learn the process in a step-by-step format so that their book evolves with ease.
Each module is 3 hours:

1. Author Mindset

● Using several Mindset techniques, we prepare the student’s mental mindset to ensure they have a successful outcome and do in fact publish in 90 days.

2. Clarity and Why
● Exploring the why behind the student’s desire to write a book and how to get crystal clear on their topic.

3. Meditation
● Learning several meditations to initiate the creative process and are used throughout the module.

4. Book Structure
● Using a systematic methodology, each student creates a template for their book that is designed to allow the book to emerge.

5. Theme and Essence
● Discussing the overall theme and the story line of their book. Using an “inner feeling” guided meditation, the student will also discover what the essence of their book is and how to keep that essence flowing throughout the book.

6. Expression
● The use of expressive exercises to deepen the creative process are used frequently throughout the module.

7. Editing Process
● Editing techniques to be used once their draft manuscript is completed.

8. Formatting
● Required formatting for publisher standards.

9. Publishing
● Publishing process for digital and print on Amazon including how to obtain an ISBN number.

10. Marketing your book
● Using a proven system, we teach each student how to ensure their book becomes a number 1 best-seller if they desire.

The final publication of the student’s book will be the assessment used for this component.

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