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Public Speaker Intensive

Pre-Work for this Course:

Students should have an area of expertise they believe is the basis for a beneficial course/workshop.

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Public Speaker Intensive

Both Classroom and Virtual Classroom format is available.

  • Training Duration: 3 days
  • Instructional Hours: 24 hours
  • Voice & Energy
  • Authenticity & Emotional triggers
  • Cultivate Charisma & use Heart-Centered Power
  • And so much more …

Public Speaker Intensive

Training Duration: 3 days
Instructional Hours: 24

Method of Instruction:
Classroom. Classroom is face-to-face interaction with an instructor and peers for interactive learning.

Pre-Work for this Class:
Students should have an area of expertise they believe is the basis for a beneficial course/workshop.

Students learn to more effectively communicate and leverage their innate emotional intelligence. In today’s business world, effective leaders need to have presentation skills to give effective speeches.
The curriculum teaches an entirely NEW way to promote a business, seminar, or sales presentation. Very hands-on with plenty of practice and feedback provided. The secret sauce is having a proven template for success.
The instructor gives away his personal template that has been used all over the world so students can create their own talk, workshop, seminar or sales presentation with ease. Using the proven template, students will design their own course, workshop or talk right. The template is adaptable so students can consistently design a talk and materials of varying lengths to serve multiple purposes moving forward in their careers.

Past participants have increased sales by 500% or more, have branded themselves as leaders in their industry and become recognized, sought after professionals who can quickly capture people’s attention and earn a multiple six-figure income.
Each module is approximately 2 hours:

1. Voice & Energy
●  Elements of the voice and associated vocal techniques. Practical application of vocal variance to hold audience attention. Students apply energy guidance techniques to manage the energy in the room.

2. Authenticity & Emotional triggers
● How to define and create authentic messaging. Students practice finding their authentic message and applying it to their content so it will resonate with their audience. Overview of human emotion and identification of the powerful triggers people can’t resist. Students explore case studies and practical exercises.

3. Cultivate Charisma & use Heart-Centered Power
● Charismatic exercise generation and the insertion of charisma into your talk through the manifestation of confidence. Students discover their power and apply heart-centeredness to their materials. Practical exercises to quicken speaking to and from the heart.

4. Accelerated Learning
● Special techniques to speed audience learning and retention. Students implement accelerated learning techniques into their presentation style so their audience learns faster and remembers more.

5. Psychology of Pricing
● Psychology of Pricing and formula for how to set your rate. Students explore various pricing models and how to calculate ROI and other metrics.

6. Who is your Audience
● Students learn how to discover who their target audience is, and then explore techniques to fill the room with these people.

7. Create a Personal and Business Brand
● Students create draft brand briefs to assess if they fit.

8. Sales Systems for the Stage
● Students learn the proven system that will increase sales immediately when pitching to a group.

9. The art of online video communication
● Case studies and class discussion.

10. Evergreening
● Content can be filmed, edited, repurposed, and automated for online consumption.

11. Templates
● Learn which template structures do not work and which ones do. Students design a talk based on Kieron’s successful template, integrating the steps to convert the talk template into a workshop or seminar.

12. Presentations
● Hit the stage and present to the group, by implementing all of the techniques in the module.

Students finish with a completed one hour talk/workshop and the skills to become top performers in their field. The system is repeatable for future talks the student wishes to design.
Each module will have a multiple choice & short answer quiz to test learning fundamentals. Students will complete the curriculum using their own area of expertise as a guide and produce a one-hour talk using all learnings from the module.

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