Accelerated Mentoring Program
Personal One-to-One Mentoring


   Finally!!! A proven and verifiable system that outperforms any coaching program anywhere. With a performance guarantee, you know we will not stop working together until your goal is achieved. This program is designed for entrepreneurs who have a proven business model, have been in business for a minimum of one year or are transitioning from an Executive or Management position to Consultant or Entrepreneur.


   Let’s look at the TRUTH of life. Even the most successful business leaders secretly crave MORE career satisfaction and happiness? When it’s time to pivot, they yearn to pursue their passion AND get paid well doing more of what they love, but without the overwhelm.


   In my role as a mentor, I solve this by empowering passionate entrepreneurs to rock their strength and monetize their genius without overwhelm. You talk. I listen. We Create.


   I have helped thousands of people transform their lives and careers through my proven and verifiable mentoring system. But let me be clear. I don’t transform your life. You do.


   I work alongside passionate driven entrepreneurs and executives and together we implement my high-level performance success system to accelerate growth, so you can in time, work less and earn more. How does that sound?


   Today, we do not have to experience overwhelm. Technology is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. I teach my clients to grow their business faster without selling their soul or losing their mind.


   I have an elite network of successful business owners and I can draw on their expertise and even make an introduction when it can serve my clients.


   Whether I help clients 1:1, in group mentoring or from the stage, my clients quickly increase revenue, gain confidence, increase their leadership effectiveness, enhance their relationships and their own personal life in finance, fitness, family, society, and mental and emotional health. They stop apologizing for what they lack: rather, they collaborate with ideal partners to drive engagement and stellar results.


   Work with me to gain confidence and love your life, making a more positive impact in business, society and your own personal life.


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   Kieron Sweeney is a 30-year entrepreneur and has trained business owners on 5 continents. He is a recognized inspirational keynote speaker, author and mentor to entrepreneurs, executives, and CEOs.