Keynote Speaking

Kieron is different as an inspirational speaker. He is witty, charismatic, extremely dynamic and speaks from the heart. His own life experiences form the foundation of his talks, seminars and trainings. His mindset mastery teachings apply to every business owner, employee and youth.


His keynote talks are:


I’m in Charge – suitable for employee empowerment or sales conferences


The power of 4 – suitable for entrepreneur and business owner conferences.


Mindset Mastery – The power of thought and how to manifest everything you desire in life. suitable


Work less, Earn more – suitable for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs and Executives.



Here is some praise from previous conference organizers.


● When a former IBM Executive needed a top-tier leadership expert to inspire and train his entire professional staff he chose Kieron Sweeney.


● When the Dynamic Wealth Conference in South Africa required a world-class speaker to get their members to the next level of excellence they chose Kieron Sweeney.


● When the National Achievers Conference in Singapore and Malaysia needed a speaker to share cutting-edge digital entrepreneurship and leadership insights with its 10,000 members, they invited Kieron Sweeney


● When Leaders Recognizing Leaders needed a leadership expert to address their youth membership, they selected Kieron Sweeney


● When a leading personal development and business success training company needed a lead trainer, they contracted Kieron Sweeney and for 5 years and he sold over $30 million in courses and products. As a result of this success Kieron is also an outstanding sales trainer.


● Soul Talks – Invited to speak on Mindset and the Power of the Mind, Kieron delivered a powerful talk that brought the audience to their feet in a roaring standing ovation


● When eWomen’s Network was looking for a speaker to help their members overcome their fears around selling, they contracted Kieron Sweeney to teach them how to sell without selling.


● TEDx Stanley Park – Vancouver – in May 2016 Kieron was selected to deliver a talk on Financial Illiteracy in the School System. Watch on Youtube.


● Vancouver Business Network – Kieron is a regular featured speaker at VBN


● The Winner’s Circle – Kieron has spoken twice on board the Winner’s Circle Annual cruise as a featured speaker.


● Man Talks – Invited to speak on the power of manifestation and how to ensure that 80% of your new year’s resolutions are achieved.


● Kieron Sweeney brings a proven record of 30+ years of success to help make your next learning event extraordinary. He also teaches 3 and 4 day workshops.


● His proprietary learning solutions and cutting-edge curriculum are customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.


● Regardless of size or scope Kieron’s proven and verifiable systems methods create real results that take your people and organization to all-new levels of production, innovation and success.


● Kieron offers a wide range of integrated training and mentoring services that incorporate the latest learning technologies. These include leadership and empowerment camps, live seminars and workshops, rapidly deployed e-courses and live teleseminar courses, video driven online courses, Executive Mentoring and extremely high-level team building techniques. Unique to Kieron’s trainings are his high level mindset mastery teachings that significantly shift how you think, perform and achieve your financial and success goals.


● Our programs deliver sustained results, impact and measurable return on your training investment.