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To interested Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Executives: I am not a coach. I am a “Mentor” and a “Guide” in business. I have 30 year’s experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, best-selling author and international public speaker/trainer to over 500,000 business owners. I have  travelled extensively, worked on major international projects, participated in humanitarian causes, worked internationally in Government, NGOs and in business. I have lived and worked in over 120 countries.

My experience in business and life has provided me with a collective depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that has given me the opportunity to become a Mentor to clients and provide them with 100% assurance that I can assist them to accomplish their goals. Whether you are an early growth entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO or executive, my system will impact your business and your personal life in a profound way.

Trust, Commitment and Vision

I love the experience of being with a client in the space of created trust, commitment, and vision. I am constantly amazed at what we create when two or three people sit together, speak, and listen from a space of safety and candor. There is nothing quite like creation. I love what I do, and I love whom I do it with. 

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It has been my great privilege to personally mentor a wide variety of extraordinary human beings. I have worked with individuals as young as 12 and as old as 92. I’ve worked with CEOs of multi-million-dollar corporations, high net worth investors, celebrities, youth organizations and for not-for-profit corporations. I work with entrepreneurs, attorneys, millionaires, multi-millionaires, billionaires, actors, professional athletes, luxury home builders, ministers, actors, pilots, talk-show hosts, and creative and resourceful college students.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs who struggle with sales to double, triple, even quadruple their revenues in 90 days to 1 year with my proven and verifiable system.


I help CEOs and Executives live a more fulfilled and purposeful life. In January 2020 we plan to run a retreat in Costa Rica for 12 people. This will be for individuals that want to master life and business beyond their wildest dreams and learn how to accomplish tasks that only elite leaders can achieve.

I also use a very rare and unknown process to dramatically shift a person’s energy and emotional connection to a specific incident from their past that often is the root of what holds them back.

Most coaches have a script or a program. A mentor has already cut the path. They have achieved success in what they claim. As a Mentor, I guide you. You WILL reach your financial and personal goals. I facilitate a unique proven and verifiable system that enables YOU to change your life.

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Kieron's Bio

Kieron Sweeney is an entrepreneur and success strategist who provides business mentoring and advanced sales, marketing, public speaking training, book publishing, and digital marketing to entrepreneurs who already lead six and seven figure revenue businesses. Using a proven and verifiable system based on 30 years of entrepreneurial success, he mentor’s business owners who are experts in their skill or trade but require business acumen to scale. He is also a highly regarded international speaker and has led business and personal development trainings to over 500,000 entrepreneurs all over the world. Well-traveled to over 120 countries, Kieron has a wealth of life and international business experiences providing him with a rare and unique level of expertise to mentor entrepreneurs, CEOs, or executives who are transitioning into private business and are ready for a new life challenge.


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The Elite Operating System - Mentoring for those who have already achieved significant success.

The Science of Success

If achieving all your goals and having all you desire to have in life was simply a matter of having the perfect strategy put into action, more entrepreneurs wouldn’t face the challenges they face. Success would be easy. Self-empowered living would be automatic. As important as defining a clear path and taking consistent action is to growth, what really holds entrepreneurs back has nothing to do with desire, goals or strategy. It is often an unknown inner challenge that many success-driven entrepreneurs and executives are living with that seems to pop up now and then and interferes with their goals. The science of success is about consistently doing certain things in a certain way and using natural universal laws that are inherently available to all of us that is what ultimately creates success.

We all operate based on paradigms. A paradigm is a set of beliefs. Often one’s belief system is what is blocking them from success. You could have a medical degree, psychology degree, be a therapist, have a real estate license, be a financial advisor and be great at what you do. But when it comes to business, you run into blocks. These blocks are often beliefs one has about business that prevent one from succeeding in business.

Along with teaching a proven and verifiable business success system, I also work on your inner mindset. We will do some deep work. The obstacles that prevent many entrepreneurs and executives from achieving what they desire, is based on belief systems they are often not aware they have. I can see them, you cannot. I see only what you show me. I can quickly determine what beliefs you hold onto and what needs to change. There are no “ifs” and there are no “buts” – there is only now. If “ifs” and buts” were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas every day.

The words “I am” are some of the most powerful words. I am = now. Now is where you must always remain. The now is always evolving, yet it is always “now”.
I have a “Performance Guarantee” – What does this mean? We agree on your goals and we don’t stop working together until they are achieved. I don’t sell you a seminar, to sell you a seminar, to sell you a seminar, or a mentoring program that leads to another mentoring program or an overpriced mastermind group. You know the drill. As soon as you walk into a seminar room, you are being sold into a never-ending funnel. It is the same online. You buy a low-priced seminar or program and then you are sold a higher priced seminar or program which leads to another higher priced program and so on. It is called the funnel. Not here. You pay me once and you succeed.
I tell all my clients: “You already know what you need to know, the challenge is, you don’t know you know it”.
To succeed you must understand that there is a higher source guiding you. You must tap into this source, trust it, and work your butt off. If someone tells you success or getting rich is easy, RUN!!!!
There is a science to success. Most people miss this in life. The science is based on universal laws and principles. This science forms the foundation of my mentoring and my trainings.


Everything starts with a thought. How you think determines the physical result. When your thoughts are aligned with the spiritual realm, success is simply a matter of time. When you understand the science of success at a deeper level, you will never worry again about money, happiness or success.
I was able to sell over $50 million in products and services because I believed, and I knew I could achieve this. I worked hard to master my skill. I learned from great mentors. I surrounded myself with successful people. I was comforted to learn that all my mentors had catastrophic failures in business and in their personal lives. Yet they still succeeded. From their wisdom, I learned to trust the universal laws and I kept focused on my goals.
One of my mentors was a well-known public speaker. For years he did public talks, ran workshops and became well-known in his City. He then ventured off to expand globally. This became a challenge and he had many ups and downs. Yet he lived what he taught. Then one day, he was part of an international success movement, and today he is an internationally recognized speaker and trains thousands of entrepreneurs. His mentorship gave me the belief that my goals will be achieved as well. You see, he just trusted, had faith and remained laser-focused on his vision. What he taught me, I will teach you. It is not rocket science, but it is science.

I have also had to overcome some challenges myself. My life has not been a walk in the park. I struggled with self-esteem as a child. I was bullied. One of my hockey coaches humiliated me over and over and it was not until later in life when a wonderful lady helped me heal that wound. I have been cheated out of money by crooked deceitful people, even by a family member. It is amazing what levels of dishonesty and mistrust people will go to for their own economic game. Those dark times taught me a great deal and have strengthened who I am as a person and they also taught me that Karma is real. I share this with you because I am not going to make claims that I am the best or better than anyone else. I succeeded through hard work, being honest and helping people with an open and a generous heart.
I work on a firm and strict set of protocols. I am not here to be your best friend. I am here to be the best friend you ever had. You may not always like what I say, but I will hold you to a higher standard and I will tell you the truth. The truth will always survive.
If you are willing to work hard, make a financial commitment knowing it is not an expense but an investment that will double, triple or even quadruple your revenue and that your investment in my system will be returned to you two to four times, then please set up a 60-minute consultation with me. I am only looking for high achievers and people that are ready to take a massive quantum leap in life.
Who is my mentoring for? You are already at the beginning of your affluence and ready to grow. I do charge a $500.00 consultation fee. Why? Because I only want to work with highly motivated people, and I want to qualify prospective clients. No freebies. Only coaches do free consultations. Working with a Mentor is a completely different experience. Plus, you will be getting a lot of advice. During our call I will learn more about where you are at today and where you would like to be one year from now. Then I can make some recommendations on strategies that will get you there faster. And you will have an action plan to follow, with me or without me.
“The Hero’s journey – it’s YOUR journey, not mine”

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My Book

Do you believe in the law of attraction? If your answer is no… why?

I’m not saying that your doubt is irrational. Your doubt makes sense. There’s a contagious belief running around causing mischief, and there’s a fairly good chance that you’ve caught it.

‘Thoughts’ is split into three sections.

Part 1
In ‘Visual Reality’ we go deep into the law of attraction. You’ll learn about the 8 laws of your mind, and how your inner reality is created.

Part 2
‘Your Creative Time’ is about the 30 minutes of creative time that I teach my students to set time aside for daily.

Part 3
‘Spreading the Good Vibes.’ This information will not only be advantageous to you. I want you to spread it along! How? That’s the question I answer here with personal stories from myself and my students (as well as some fun exercises).

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