Learn from a 30 Year International Businessman who has sold over $50M in products and services
                                                BREAKTHROUGH 90 – Strategic Business Mentoring
                                                                    Our Signature Group Mentoring
                                                                    Powerful. Proven. Life-changing.
A complete support and training system for entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to continuous growth and quality of life.
The Breakthrough 90 Signature Program is designed to make your possibilities a reality. It’s not a quick fix. It’s a transformational change for you as an entrepreneur or executive and as a person, building on everything you’ve accomplished in business and in life up until now.  
We start with one simple question. What has to have resulted in your personal and professional life in order for you to feel 100% fulfilled 3 years from now?
Once we have identified this, we chart a strategic plan to ensure you achieve the life you want. In fact, most of our clients achieve more while working less. Why? Strategy.  
Your workshop day is a rare opportunity to get outside the day-to-day of your business to a place where big ambitions and dreams are normal, and fresh perspectives and insights are virtually inevitable. It’s not uncommon to have an insight within the first few hours that makes your day at Breakthrough 90 worthwhile.
Everything we teach is what we have implemented to create $50M in revenue over 30 years in business. Everything from the physical environment, including the food, to the structure and content of the day—is designed to work for busy, distractible entrepreneurs.  At each Breakthrough 90 Mentoring session, you’ll have the time to focus on and strategize about what’s most pressing in your business. Not only will you experience insights and breakthroughs as a result, you’ll hear those of other entrepreneurs from other industries and other parts of the world. It’s a mind-opening, exhilarating day.
You’ll come away with new tools and capabilities, and a plan with prioritized, concrete action steps for the next 90 days to share with your team. New ideas can leave you energized and excited, but it’s the clarity about the action steps—and having them written down—that gets things done.  We also have a bi-weekly online group session to keep you on track between our 90 day sessions.  Quarter by quarter, you change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business. Your results improve, your freedom increases, and your opportunities expand.
BT90 - 10 X Ambition Program
Individual Mentorship for Extraordinary Results - Exclusive - Custom-created - Ground-breaking 
An extraordinary environment for the accomplished entrepreneur or executive looking to fast-track their biggest, boldest goals yet.   
Kieron Sweeney’s 10x Ambition Program is for the ultra-focused entrepreneur or executive who wants to work on their sky’s-the-limit goals right now—and already has the means and drive to skip ahead and get started. 
You want to work directly with the founder and creator of Breakthrough 90 and have access to Kieron’s latest thinking, innovative ideas, and fast-track strategies for achieving exponential results in pretty much any area of your business and life. 
Since going 10x can’t be done alone, a focus in Kieron’s workshops is on building and effectively leading your version of a Self-Managing Company, with an emphasis on multiplying. While you learn how to multiply what you do, your team will learn to multiply everything else that’s needed to reach your goals. The result? A Self-Multiplying Company that keeps you—and your team— excited about and engaged in your future vision and the goals that will get you there. 
In Kieron’s 10x Ambition Program, we want to give you an “unfair advantage”. You’ll work individually with Kieron and also participate quarterly in a room of other extraordinary entrepreneurs from a range of industries who are all up to very big things and dedicated to going for the 10x goals that most excite them. It’s an atmosphere that hums with vision, energy, and innovation. Kieron’s key team leaders and project managers also sit in on his workshops and become a great resource for you.   
Imagine one day every quarter away from your business, where the only focus is on you and your biggest-yet ideas and goals—with “thinking tools” that open up your mind, solve roadblocks, and get planning underway, right down to your first actions when you’re back at work. It’s a rare and stimulating place to be for any entrepreneur who’s ready to kick their exponential adventure into overdrive.
Breakthrough EntreprenR Inc. is a global Premier Business Performance Training Academy. In addition to our Breakthrough 90 Mentoring programs, We deliver 10 brilliantly designed business, leadership and empowerment courses for entrepreneurs at tuitions that are Affordable and Accessible and we do not constantly promote new seminars.  We focus on performance based mentoring that is strategic and measurable and we grow you as a leader and a key influencer in your market niche.  The Academy is committed to delivering unparalleled interactive process-driven and high impact training.  
The Academy was conceived by Kieron Sweeney a 30 year entrepreneur. When Kieron started in business he spent thousands of dollars on training because the type of business and personal empowerment training he desired was not available in the traditional post-secondary education system. Even with a degree, Kieron was unprepared for the business world. Investing over $250,000.00 in courses and mentoring he became a successful businessman and was able to create wealth on his terms. However, 90% of entrepreneurs cannot afford to invest $250,000.00 on training. This is the foundational philosophy behind Breakthrough EntreprenR - accelerated business training that is affordable.
Our goal is to first increase your revenues by $500,000.00 and then create a strategy to increase your revenues to over $1M.  
The core of our programs is not just about goals and vision.  We are very strategic in our approach and what we teach is based on 30 years of experience and over $50M in sales.  
Our courses and mentoring programs can be taken as a package or à la carte.